Out of My Hands

July 31, 2022

This album was made entirely in VCV Rack. The random prompting process for this one is that each song must feature a randomized module or other heavy randomization. I'm only allowed to tweak them very slightly (e.g., changing a sequence's length or making it not one-shot.)

The album art is by Izzy! It was a lot of fun looking over from my laptop and watching the creative process of someone dear to me. It's a nice feeling watching my vague request of "some sort of robot spider" turn into something really cool! If you like the album cover (and you should, it's awesome), you should check out Izzy's twitter for some of its other work.

Tracklist (22m 53s total)
  1. Inharmonic Fusillade (4m 7s)

    I randomized a gate sequencer in this one. This song kind of feels like it overstays its welcome, but I had so much fun during the recording it was hard to stop.

  2. Cool Palette (3m 15s)

    For this one I randomized the Voxglitch Digital Sequencer.

  3. They Can't All Be Winners (3m 22s)

    This one also involved a randomized Voxglitch Digital Sequencer. I thought it would be cool if I used different sequences of different lengths triggered at different rates to create a contrapuntal melody thing. I think it sounds pretty neat.

    I accidentally muted the chord stabs one beat too early. Whoops!

  4. Intractable Design Malfunction (2m 11s)

    IDM is a neat genre, but it has one of the worst names I've ever seen. "Intelligent Dance Music" just sounds so pretentious. Anyway, there's way too much going on in this song to describe adequately. A randomized gate sequencer in one shot mode triggers a lot of stuff, including various tracks on a randomized digital sequencer. I think it sounds neat, but... wow, it is so much to keep track of.

  5. Last Windchime (2m 21s)

    Neutrinode and Orbitones control the melodic windchime type sounds. I didn't know how to make good use of them. Still don't, really. They're fun to watch, though.

  6. Reconnaissance (1m 54s)

    The bass here is an Audible Instruments macro oscillator 2 whose model is being randomized every note. I flubbed the ending a bit, but part of the original Album a Day challenge is no outtakes, so I'm leaving it in.

  7. Saccharine Ferryboat (0m 54s)

    Can you tell I got tired of sequencing chords? This is just macro oscillator 2 chords run through a lot of delay and such.

  8. Spaghetti Cloud (2m 40s)

    I forgot to add randomness to this one. I think it still sounds pretty neat, though.

  9. Combing the Hills (2m 5s)

    The random G flat pentatonic melody reminds me of 8-bit platformers, so I named this track accordingly.