(May's Day Albums, i.e., albums May wrote in a day.)

The goal of this project is to write an album under the restrictions detailed at Tom7's original Album-a-Day site. (The broad overview: at least 20 minutes of music and/or 30 songs in 24 hours.) I don't have a planned upload schedule. New albums will happen when I have a lot of musical energy to burn and a day I can set aside.

Some background: I made a song-a-day album once, and it was a fun exercise in generating ideas quickly. This seemed like the next logical step. These songs are ways to experiment, try new techniques, and generally have fun. Quality is a nice bonus.

The stats page has some statistics on the albums here, if you find that kind of trivia interesting.

Albumen Gin Cover Art

June 2, 2022 + 22m 3s

Tracklist (22m 3s total)
  1. Double Royal Fork (0m 52s)
  2. Snowfield Flying Lessons (1m 42s)
  3. Levitation (2m 9s)
  4. Asynchronous Night Out (2m 9s)
  5. Quartzite Timescales (2m 19s)
  6. Myriad Mistaken Mulligan Mysteries (1m 3s)
  7. Loose Grit In The Flywheel (1m 20s)
  8. The Future Opens Wide (3m 3s)
  9. Late to NITRO SCHOOL (1m 39s)
  10. Bulkhead (2m 47s)
  11. Albumen Gin (1m 44s)
  12. Canasta with Grandma (1m 12s)
Snowclone Saturday Cover Art

June 8, 2022 + 21m 50s

Tracklist (21m 50s total)
  1. Throwback Thaumaturgy (1m 17s)
  2. That's All There Is To It (2m 21s)
  3. Detergent Horn (1m 8s)
  4. Telephonic Alterations (1m 39s)
  5. Snowclone Saturday (2m 16s)
  6. Once More With Feeling (2m 4s)
  7. Railway Exorcism (2m 25s)
  8. Cheerful Regret (2m 8s)
  9. Only Half Listening (2m 21s)
  10. The Way Back Down (2m 4s)
  11. DODECA (2m 3s)
UPSTREAM downstream Cover Art

June 14, 2022 + 20m 28s

Tracklist (20m 28s total)
  1. We Were Underwater (2m 51s)
  2. Rejected 16-Bit Platformer Music (1m 3s)
  3. Aquatic Propulsion Device (0m 58s)
  4. Little Cat's Halloween Party (0m 57s)
  5. Flubbed Cosmic Punchline (0m 51s)
  6. Simple Salmon (2m 50s)
  7. Music For Dispatching Hostile Extraterrestrial Computer Viruses (1m 39s)
  8. UPSTREAM downstream (Keep On Breathing) (2m 54s)
  9. Random Tune Intermission (1m 10s)
  10. Clock Time (1m 46s)
  11. Seaglass Rushdown (1m 49s)
  12. Friends, Asterisk (1m 35s)
quiet gimmicks & LOUD EXCEPTIONS Cover Art

June 23, 2022 + 21m 39s

Tracklist (21m 39s total)
  1. concave timber (1m 15s)
  2. rotunda wield pictures (1m 37s)
  3. bowling preparation beading (1m 13s)
  4. quartet conductor flattered (1m 3s)
  5. diagnostic decay bulk (1m 18s)
  6. cymbals beyond (1m 0s)
  7. spelling palpable hombre oilcloth (0m 40s)
  9. MIDFIELD SPOUT (4m 11s)
  11. BAIT CLINKING (2m 51s)
Out of My Hands Cover Art

July 31, 2022 + 22m 53s

Tracklist (22m 53s total)
  1. Inharmonic Fusillade (4m 7s)
  2. Cool Palette (3m 15s)
  3. They Can't All Be Winners (3m 22s)
  4. Intractable Design Malfunction (2m 11s)
  5. Last Windchime (2m 21s)
  6. Reconnaissance (1m 54s)
  7. Saccharine Ferryboat (0m 54s)
  8. Spaghetti Cloud (2m 40s)
  9. Combing the Hills (2m 5s)
Housewarming Gifts Cover Art

August 20, 2022 + 20m 40s

Tracklist (20m 40s total)
  1. Residual Spirit Goo (2m 41s)
  2. Shard Attack (3m 43s)
  3. Cyberattack the Album (2m 49s)
  4. The Mountain That Eats Men (2m 37s)
  5. Mad at Videos (2m 12s)
  6. The Black Quartz Sphinx Said It Didn't Really Feel Like Judging My Vow Today (2m 23s)
  7. Do Broken Spines Bend? (1m 31s)
  8. Quaquaversal Hydra (1m 38s)
  9. Sometimes I Hear Printer Noises (1m 2s)
Let's Make More Songs Cover Art

September 29, 2022 + 21m 43s

Tracklist (21m 43s total)
  1. Apium graveolens (1m 40s)
  2. Beetle Boss (1m 53s)
  3. Insectile Squid (1m 17s)
  4. Been Here Before (1m 45s)
  5. This One's Just Noises (1m 24s)
  6. Vocalize (2m 24s)
  7. Electronic (1m 46s)
  8. Woodpecker Techno (1m 19s)
  9. Ice Caverns March (2m 35s)
  10. Kittycat Technologies (2m 9s)
  11. Trackpads Are Not Ideal For Music Production (3m 27s)
Epicycles Cover Art

March 5, 2023 + 27m 42s

Tracklist (27m 42s total)
  1. Welcome Home (3m 27s)
  2. Singular (3m 43s)
  3. From First Principles (3m 23s)
  4. Delicious Sands (5m 3s)
  5. Unfalsified (5m 20s)
  6. Ego Rat (6m 44s)